Credentialing services for physicians

Virtual Office Manager services for telehealth practices.

Our Virtual Office Manager services streamline telehealth practices by offering.

  • Efficient appointment scheduling,
  • Insurance verification, Patient preparation,
  • Patient follow-up,
  • Regular check-ins,
  • Continuity of care,
  • Improved patient retention,
  • Cost-effectiveness.

Here are just a few of the ways that our team can benefit your practice:


Efficient appointment scheduling


Our Virtual Office Manager is highly skilled in scheduling telehealth appointments. We work closely with your patients to identify the best time for their appointment and coordinate with your healthcare providers to ensure that the appointment runs smoothly.

We also handle rescheduling and cancellation requests, ensuring that your patients always receive prompt and efficient service.

Insurance verification and eligibility checking


Verifying insurance coverage and eligibility can be a time-consuming and complex process.

Our Virtual Office Manager can handle these tasks on your behalf, reducing administrative burdens and ensuring that your patients are prepared for their appointment.

We can also collect copays and deductibles from patients, helping you to manage your billing more efficiently.

Patient preparation


Our Virtual Office Manager can prepare patients in the telehealth waiting rooms, ensuring that they are ready to receive services via the online systems.

This frees up your physicians to focus on delivering care rather than on administrative tasks.

Patient Follow-Up


In a busy telehealth practice, it’s easy to lose track of patients and miss out on valuable opportunities for follow-up care.

That’s where our patient follow-up services come in – we can help you maintain a strong connection with your patients and ensure that they receive the continuity of care they need to stay healthy and satisfied with your services.

medical practice virtual office manager



Regular patient check-ins


Our Virtual Office Managers make it a priority to reach out to every patient on a monthly or bimonthly basis to check in on their health status and address any concerns they may have.

This ensures that your patients feel cared for and valued, and it helps you maintain a strong relationship with your patients over time.

Continuity of care


By regularly following up with your patients and scheduling necessary appointments, we help ensure that your patients receive the continuity of care they need to stay healthy.

This can help reduce the risk of complications, improve health outcomes, and increase patient satisfaction with your services.

Improved patient retention


By maintaining regular communication with your patients and providing them with exceptional customer service, we can help improve patient retention rates and drive repeat business to your telehealth practice.

Our team is highly skilled in building strong patient relationships and can help you create a loyal patient base that will keep coming back to your practice for years to come.

Cost-effective solution


Our Virtual Office Manager services are a cost-effective solution for managing your telehealth practice.

By outsourcing your administrative tasks to our team, you can save up to 60% on your staffing costs while benefiting from our expertise and experience.

In conclusion, our Virtual Office Manager services can help you streamline your telehealth practice, reduce administrative burdens, and improve the overall patient experience.

Our patient follow-up services can help you maintain a strong connection with your patients, provide them with the continuity of care they need, and drive repeat business to your telehealth practice.

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