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The Benefits of Outsourcing Medical Billing Services for Small Practices

Benefits of medical billing outsourcing

The Benefits of Outsourcing Medical Billing Services for Small Practices Explore the benefits of outsourcing medical billing services for small practices and how it can positively impact their operations and bottom line. Challenges Faced by Small Medical Practices The Rise of Outsourcing Expertise and Efficiency Improved Cash Flow Compliance and Risk Management Scalability and Flexibility […]

How Much Does Medical Credentialing Cost?

How much does medical credentialing cost?

If you have 10 physicians and do it in-house with one employee. Your minimum cost will be USD 4,000 per month. If you outsource then cost can be as low as USD 2,000 per month.

CMS 588 Form – How to fill?

Medicare Cms 588 form-how to fill it?

Get your medicare reimbursements right in your bank account. How to do that? Here is step by step easy guide on how to fill your medicare CMS 588 form.

Start Your Private Practice as a Physician Assistant

start your practice as physician assistant

Are you a licensed Physician Assistant from one of the 50 states or the District of Columbia? Ever thought of owning a medical practice and having full control of the bank account? Yes?  Well, Now You Can! Effective Jan 01, 2022, Medicare and several other insurance companies will make direct payments to Physician Assistants for […]

IRS EIN Confirmation letter

How to get copy of EIN verfication letter (CP 575) from IRS?

Lost you EIN confirmation letter (CP 575)? worry not, You can get it again, Find out how to get a copy by reading this article. It takes a minute only.