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cVirtual Medical Assistant Services for Healthcare

  • Efficient appointment scheduling & reminders
  • Eligibility & benefits verification
  • Patient preparation
  • Copay & deductible collection
  • Patient follow-up for retention
  • Assistance with telehealth visits
  • Prescription & lab order processing
  • Referral coordination
  • Continuity of care
  • Cost-effectiveness



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Smarter Healthcare Move

Take your Healthcare Practice to a higher level

Improved Efficiency & Better Care

By harnessing the power of technology, we can revolutionize how patients experience healthcare.

Powerful automation tools allow us to deliver a simplified and streamlined scheduling process, helping patients get the care they need in an instant.

With us, patients can enjoy the seamless experience they crave, leading to better health outcomes and clinical efficiency.

Streamlined Staffing Solutions for Your Practice

Let our team handle your administrative tasks, improve patient retention rates, and help drive repeat business to your healthcare practice .

With our efficient and cost-effective solutions, Healthcare practitioners can be liberated from demanding clerical duties and devote their valuable time where it matters most: serving patients.

Get rid of administrative headaches and maximize your profitability and productivity with our smarter healthcare solutions.

Your Strategic Partner for Success


Administrative Tasks

Providing a range of administrative services including financial record-keeping, scheduling, call and email management, patient record maintenance, and billing oversight.

Enhancing workspace efficiency by managing non-medical tasks for healthcare professionals.

Appointment Scheduling

Coordinating schedules, patient appointments, and calendar events to free up practitioners' time for patient care.

Assigning tasks and following up on updates with staff and doctors for seamless service delivery.

Call Handling

Acting as a filter for incoming calls, directing urgent inquiries to practitioners and managing less pressing matters.

Prioritizing calls to increase efficiency and reduce workload for medical office staff.

Record Management

Daily updates to electronic medical records, prescription management, invoice generation, and timely delivery to patients.

Streamlining paperwork to reduce administrative burden and improve document accessibility.

Medical Practice RCM

revenue cycle priority

Tailored Solutions

Enhanced Patient Experience

Remote Operation

Improve Patient Wellbeing

Managing schedules and appointments

Answering and forwarding calls

Cost and space effective

Failure to obtain prior authorizations 



Are you tired of drowning in administrative tasks while trying to focus on patient care?

Imagine having a dedicated team member seamlessly managing your practice’s scheduling, record-keeping, and call handling, all while saving you time and money.

Introducing our administrative support solution tailored specifically for medical practices.

With our services, you’ll experience increased efficiency, reduced workload, and improved patient satisfaction.

Our team of experts ensures accurate transcription and meticulous record management, allowing you to concentrate on what truly matters – your patients’ wellbeing.

Let us revolutionize your practice today and elevate your patient care to new heights.


  • Efficient appointment scheduling & reminders
  • Eligibility & benefits verification
  • Patient preparation
  • Copay & deductible collection
  • Patient follow-up for retention
  • Assistance with telehealth visits
  • Prescription & lab order processing
  • Referral coordination
  • Comprehensive Administrative Support
  • Expert Call Handling
  • Streamlined Record Management
  • Remote Operation for Cost Savings
  • Tailored Solutions for Your Practice
  • Enhanced Patient Experience
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A Virtual Medical Office Assistant is a highly skilled professional who remotely provides indispensable administrative and clerical support to healthcare practices.

VMOAs adeptly manage crucial tasks such as appointment scheduling, meticulous medical billing and coding, rigorous insurance verification, and diligent patient follow-up.

They are pivotal in ensuring the seamless operation and optimization of healthcare services, operating as invaluable assets from a remote location.

Virtual Medical Office Assistants (VMOAs) offer an extensive array of indispensable administrative and clerical services essential for the efficient functioning of medical practices.

These encompass but are not limited to comprehensive appointment scheduling, meticulous medical billing and coding, thorough insurance verification, diligent patient follow-up, accurate data entry, precise transcription, and meticulous record-keeping.

By proficiently managing these tasks, VMOAs significantly enhance operational efficiency and contribute to the streamlined delivery of healthcare services.

Virtual Medical Office Assistants (VMOAs) leverage advanced communication technologies such as email, telephone, and video conferencing to seamlessly execute their responsibilities from a remote location.

They possess adeptness in accessing and utilizing the electronic medical records system (EMR) or other relevant software platforms required for task completion.

Through efficient remote coordination and communication, VMOAs ensure uninterrupted support to medical practices, irrespective of physical proximity.

Safeguarding the confidentiality and security of patients’ sensitive information is paramount when collaborating with Virtual Medical Office Assistants (VMOAs).

This necessitates partnering with reputable VMOA service providers who adhere rigorously to stringent data privacy protocols.

VMOAs are required to sign comprehensive confidentiality agreements, restricting access to patient information strictly on a need-to-know basis.

Additionally, implementing robust security measures such as encrypted communication channels and stringent access controls ensures the integrity and confidentiality of patient data throughout the collaboration.

The cost associated with hiring a Virtual Medical Office Assistant (VMOA) is contingent upon various factors, including the level of expertise and the scope of services required.

Pricing structures typically encompass hourly, weekly, or monthly rates, with transparent breakdowns of costs facilitating informed decision-making.

While the investment in VMOA services may vary, the value derived from their proficient management of administrative and clerical tasks, leading to enhanced operational efficiency and optimized healthcare delivery, is undeniably substantial.

At Rx-credentialing we offer part time service for 799 and full time for 1499.

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Our remote front desk assistant make it a priority to reach out to every patient on a monthly or bimonthly basis to check in on their health status and address any concerns they may have.

This ensures that your patients feel cared for and valued, and it helps you maintain a strong relationship with your patients over time.

Our remote front desk assistant can prepare patients in the telehealth waiting rooms, ensuring that they are ready to receive services via the online systems.

This frees up your physicians to focus on delivering care rather than on administrative tasks.

Our virtual medical assistant is highly skilled in scheduling telehealth appointments.

We work closely with your patients to identify the best time for their appointment and coordinate with your healthcare providers to ensure that the appointment runs smoothly.

We also handle rescheduling and cancellation requests, ensuring that your patients always receive prompt and efficient service.

In a busy telehealth practice, it’s easy to lose track of patients and miss out on valuable opportunities for follow-up care.

That’s where our patient follow-up services come in – we can help you maintain a strong connection with your patients and ensure that they receive the continuity of care they need to stay healthy and satisfied with your services.

Verifying insurance coverage and eligibility can be a time-consuming and complex process.

Our remote front desk assistant can handle these tasks on your behalf, reducing administrative burdens and ensuring that your patients are prepared for their appointment.

We can also collect copays and deductibles from patients, helping you to manage your billing more efficiently.

By regularly following up with your patients and scheduling necessary appointments, we help ensure that your patients receive the continuity of care they need to stay healthy.

This can help reduce the risk of complications, improve health outcomes, and increase patient satisfaction with your services.


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We aim to ensure clarity and alignment with your needs.

During your scheduled consultation, dedicated account manager will provide personalized guidance for setting up your virtual medical service.

We look forward to assisting you in optimizing your administrative processes efficiently.


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