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  • Timely Claim Processing Ensures Healthy Revenue Cycle.
  • Streamline your Cash Flows
  • Reduce Claim Denials to zero.
  • Guaranteed, claim approvals with Minimum Lead Time.
  • Guaranteed, claim approvals with Minimum Lead Time.
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Medical billing services for small practices

Transforming Medical Billing and Revenue Cycle Management

At RxCredentialing, we are revolutionizing the medical billing landscape by offering comprehensive services with no minimum monthly fee. Unlike other billing companies that impose unnecessary fees, we operate with a different philosophy. 

We treat your practice as if it were our own, because our success is directly tied to yours. Our commitment is to help you thrive financially, which is why we only make money when you make money. 

With our expertise in Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) setups, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), and Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) setups, we ensure seamless revenue cycle management, we remove the hassle of handling paper checks and physical EOBs. 

With our expertise, you can say goodbye to frequent bank visits and time-consuming scanning and sending of documents. Join us and experience the convenience and efficiency of a billing service that frees you from the burden of manual labor.

Streamlined Financial Workflow (EFT) Setups:

As part of our comprehensive services, we empower healthcare providers with seamless Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) setups, transforming the payment process. By facilitating direct payments into their bank accounts, we eliminate the need for unnecessary visits to the bank and the risk of lost checks in the mail. 

Our expertise in EFT setups ensures prompt payment from insurance companies, enhancing overall efficiency and minimizing delays in revenue collection. 

Experience the benefits of faster, secure, and automated payment processing through our streamlined approach. 

With RxCredentialing, you can focus on delivering exceptional patient care while we handle the intricacies of payment management with precision and reliability. 

Say goodbye to manual processing and embrace the convenience of EFT setups for a seamless financial workflow.
Seamless EDI and ERA Implementation:

At RxCredentialing, we understand the challenges associated with the manual handling of Explanation of Benefits (EOB) documents. To provide a seamless solution, we take care of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) setups right from the start. 

By automating these processes, we alleviate the burden on providers and save valuable time and effort. Our dedicated team ensures a smooth integration with insurance companies, enabling accurate and timely claim submissions. 

With RxCredentialing, you can say goodbye to the hassles of printing and sending EOBs. Let us handle the technical aspects, allowing you to focus on what matters most – delivering exceptional patient care. Experience the efficiency and convenience of our EDI and ERA setups, empowering your practice with streamlined billing processes.

Accelerated Claim Processing: Minimizing Delays, Maximizing Revenue:

At RxCredentialing, our dedicated team is committed to ensuring the accuracy and compliance of every claim we submit. 

Before submitting a claim, we meticulously review it to verify that it includes the appropriate Place of Service (POS), modifier, and ICD combinations. We also carefully check against NCCI edits to avoid any potential bundling denials. 

Our goal is to expedite the reimbursement process for healthcare providers by submitting claims within 24 hours.

We understand the importance of timely follow-ups with insurance companies to prevent claim denials and minimize delays in payment. That’s why, within 7 to 10 days, we initiate proactive communication with insurers, ensuring that your claims receive the attention they deserve. 

Our diligent approach to claim management and thorough understanding of billing regulations help maximize the chances of successful processing and timely payments.
With RxCredentialing, you can trust that your claims are handled with utmost precision and efficiency. 

We strive to minimize denials, optimize revenue, and provide you with the peace of mind to focus on delivering exceptional care to your patients.

Proactive Denial Management with RxCredentialing:

At RxCredentialing, we understand that Accounts Receivable (A/R) management is crucial for the financial success of healthcare providers. That’s why we go above and beyond to ensure that no claim remains stuck in the denial bucket. Our experienced A/R specialists play a pivotal role in this process.

Our dedicated team diligently reviews and analyzes every claim, paying close attention to detail. We thoroughly examine National Coverage Determinations (NCD) and Local Coverage Determinations (LCD) policies, perform NCCI edit checks, and review CMS manuals to ensure compliance and accuracy. 

If a claim is denied, our team takes immediate action within 2-3 days, making the necessary corrections and resubmitting the claim promptly.

Our commitment to your financial well-being drives us to keep the denial rate under 5%. We work tirelessly to maximize your revenue potential and minimize revenue loss. With RxCredentialing, you can trust that your claims are in capable hands. 

We strive to deliver exceptional results, ensuring that you receive the reimbursements you deserve. Partner with us and experience the difference of a billing service that is dedicated to your financial success.

Versatility Across EMR/Practice Management Systems:

We take pride in our team’s extensive experience with multiple EMR/Practice Management systems. This versatility ensures that we can seamlessly adapt to the software you currently use, saving you the hassle of switching platforms. 

Our knowledgeable experts are well-versed in various systems, allowing us to deliver exceptional service regardless of the software you utilize.Unleash the Full Potential of Your Practice with RxCredentialing’s Value-Added Services.

At RxCredentialing, we take pride in offering a wide range of value-added services as part of our Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) portfolio. These services are designed to optimize your practice’s revenue and streamline your workflow. 

Here are the services we provide:


Eligibility and Benefit Confirmation: 

We understand the importance of verifying patient eligibility and benefits before their scheduled appointments. Our team conducts thorough eligibility and benefit checks 48 hours in advance, ensuring accurate copay charging and enabling you to anticipate insurance payments with confidence.

Prior or Retro Authorization: 

Many insurance providers require prior authorizations for specialty services and procedures. Our knowledgeable team has extensive experience in obtaining prior authorizations efficiently. 

We also assist with retro authorizations when necessary, ensuring that you have the proper documentation in place to minimize claim denials.

Coding and Chart Review (Family Health & Mental Health Only): 

For internal medicine, family medicine, and mental health providers, our experts offer comprehensive coding and chart review services. We ensure accurate coding, appropriate documentation, and compliant billing practices. 

Our goal is to help you maintain compliance and optimize revenue generation.

Referral Coordination with Other Doctor Offices: 

We understand the importance of seamless communication and coordination between doctor offices when it comes to patient referrals. 

Our team facilitates efficient referral coordination, ensuring that necessary information is transmitted accurately and promptly. 

Reimbursement Strategies: 

Our experienced professionals can assist you in developing effective reimbursement strategies. We analyze your practice and identify additional billable services and revenue opportunities. 

By implementing proper documentation and coding practices, we help you maximize revenue collection while ensuring compliance with billing regulations.

With RxCredentialing, you gain access to a comprehensive suite of services that go beyond medical billing. We are dedicated to supporting your practice’s financial success and optimizing your revenue cycle. 

Partner with us and experience the difference of a trusted partner committed to your practice’s growth and profitability.

Choose RxCredentialing as your trusted partner for comprehensive and cost-effective medical billing services. Let us optimize your revenue while you focus on delivering exceptional patient care. Contact us today to learn more about how we can streamline your medical billing process.


You can never focus on your patients when you are distracted with Practice Management operations.

We Streamline your Collections so you can focus on your Patients.

We know it is hard to switch your Practice Management Software.

Therefore you can continue to use one of your choice.

We provide Complete Flexibility about that. Our Experts have hands on almost every well-known Software.

We strive to maximize your revenue & reduce expenses.

With our expertise to handle your licensing & Credentialing.

We know exactly how to increase your patient volume that leads you Practice toward Success.

Get your concerns resolved in real time.

Talk to your Dedicated Billing Manager whenever you want.

We can create all insurance portals for your office which you can use to check real-time patient eligibility and benefits at no cost.


Our RCM expert will take control of your entire medical billing process.

We can help you while submitting charges, verifying the CPT codes and ICD code combinations, selecting the appropriate modifiers, posting payments from the insurances and or patient in your practice management system, tracking claim statuses, Denial management and appeals submissions.

We process and submit all charges on a daily basis to make you have a consistent cash flow.



  • Inaccurate or incomplete patient information leading to claim denials or delays.
  • Improper coding or documentation resulting in claim rejections or underpayment.
  • Lack of thorough eligibility and benefits verification leading to incorrect billing and potential non-payment.
  • Failure to obtain prior authorizations for procedures or services that require them, resulting in claim denials.
  • Inefficient claim submission processes causing delays in reimbursement.
  • Inadequate follow-up on unpaid claims, resulting in lost revenue.
  • Ineffective denial management and appeals processes leading to revenue loss.
  • Failure to stay updated with changing billing regulations and compliance requirements, resulting in penalties or reduced reimbursements.
  • Inefficient accounts receivable management leading to outstanding balances and uncollected revenue.
  • Inability to maximize revenue opportunities through proper coding, billing, and reimbursement strategies.
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Unlock Your Practice's Revenue Potential - We Know How



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Seamless Testing:

Keep your current billing company for day-to-day operations and let us handle your denied or unprocessed claims.

Risk-Free Opportunity: 

Test our services by entrusting us with your Accounts Receivable (AR) recovery without the need to switch your entire billing process.

Guaranteed Results: 

We work diligently to get your outstanding claims paid as long as they are within the timely filing limit.

Minimal Cost: 

Our fee structure is straightforward – we charge only 5-7% of the collections we recover for you.

Unleash Hidden Revenue

Reclaim lost revenue and increase your practice’s cash flow without any upfront investment or long-term commitment.

Proven Expertise: 

Benefit from our experienced team’s knowledge and specialized strategies to maximize your claim reimbursement.

Peace of Mind: 

Focus on your core practice operations while we recover your unclaimed revenue and optimize your financial performance.



Are you a startup? Can’t hire an office Manager?

You found us, We can assign a dedicated resource who can manage everything an Office Manager usually does.

The Official assigned to your Practice will be responsible for the following.



Fill your information in Contact form, elaborate your credentialing requirement.

After reviewing your query, we will get back to you as soon as possible to have clear idea regarding your requirements.

On your Go Ahead call, Our team will guide you through personalized  claim processing setup.



We offer complete revenue cycle management services that includes Pre eligibility checks, claim submission, rejection & denial management, follow ups as well as timely payment postings to ensure maximum reimbursements.

Rx-Credentialing Submits all Claims within 24 hours of receiving superbills.

We also Offer Prior & Retro Authorizations Services, Pre Eligibility Checks, A/R Management and Patient collection services.

There is no restriction or limitation, We are familiar with almost every Practice Management System, We normally use office Ally, Kareo and eCW.

There is no minimum or maximum, weather you are a new startup or a excisting business we can definitely help you grow.

There is no minimum or fixed cost of our billing services, you will only be invoiced after your collection from insurances.


If you are interested in our medical billing services for small practices. Get in touch or ask anything you did not find answer for. We will get back to you at earliest.

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