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challenges in licensing

Medical Licensing applications Involve Primary Source Verification which is a time taking and complex process.

It requires Complete Educational & Professional History which is hard to summarize.

Requires Bio-meterics.

Multiple Applications needs to be prepared and submitted to the State Medical Board which may even require notarization.

Requires Consistent Follow Ups with State Medical boards & other related authorities.

Requires Criminal Background Checks.

who can apply





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There are 2 types of Medical license applications you can undergo.

Licensure by Endorsements applies when you are licensed in at least one State and practiced medicine for at least a year in that state.

License by the examination applies when you do not hold any state license and never passed a national examination.



Telehealth fits best in the current situation as it enables you to practice in more than one state without having a physical location in every state.

Multi-State Licensing increases your patient volume to a great extent, as every state has a separate licensing board, it takes an extensive amount of time and effort to be licensed in more than one state.

However, there are few inter-state Compact licensing agencies that you can use to get Medical license in more than one state with just one application, Compact licensing agencies offer expedited pathway for providers who are planning to serve nationwide.

Rx credentialing knows exactly what you want when you want and how to expedite your applications with all licensing boards.

License Categories

These licenses are granted based on your requirements and State guidelines, some states also offer Out of state Telehealth licenses. Each license type has different limitation & authorities.

Few common types of license are

A Full Unrestricted Medical License is issued with full privileges to practice within the scope of your specialty, the licenses issued under this category are normally valid from 1-3 years and are renewable.

These are also called Permanent licenses and has no restrictions.

Limited or Restricted Medical License is issued to Physicians and non-physicians who do not meet Permanent license eligibility criteria.

It is either issued because the physician or no physician has a health problem or has final adverse action against him.

Temporary Medical License is issued either under an emergency or to a physician or non-physician who are licensed in one state and wants to practice in another on a temporary basis.

Temporary licenses are also issued to providers who do not meet permanent license criteria, It can also be issued to providers when they are in the process of getting a permanent license.

what we offer

  • Initial State Medical Licensing
  • License Renewal
  • Licensing by Endorsement
  • Licensure Maintenance
  • Training License for Residents
  • Interstate Compact Licensure
  • Foreign Graduates Licensing
  • Licensing by Exam
  • FCVS Set Up and/or retrieval
  • Expedited State License
  • DEA Registration
  • Telemedicine Licensing


1. contact

Fill our Contact form, mention the state or state medical board where you want to file application for your license and attach your resume.

2. Information

After reviewing you resume and your specified state guidelines, Our medical licensing expert will contact you to know more or request missing information.

3. Submission

Your dedicated licensing manager will complete the required documents, even he will assist you in case notarization as well as finger prints are required too. Once the complete application has been submitted, we will keep following the authorities and will keep you posted as well.


Permanent Medical licensing can take anywhere between 1-6 months, depending on state protocols However Temporary Medical licensing takes from 15 to 45 days on an average.

Every state has different Medical licensing requirements but some of the requirements are similar, no matter what state are you applying for.

The common requirements are that you must be a graduate from an American Allopathic Medical School or a school recognized by the US Office of Education,

You must have completed at least one year of approved residency training.

You must be a US citizen or have work permit here.

No problem if you don’t have PSV documentations, Rx-Credentialing can work with FCVS to obtain your PSV documentation, The fee involved in this process will be on you.

Telehealth Medical Licensing requirements are almost similar to Permanent Medical licensing.

You will have to go through every step of traditional Medial licensing to get a license for telehealth.

Rx-Credentialing will cover the maximum part of the process but you will be responsible to sign, notarize, and submit fingerprints when needed.

Rx-Credentialing accepts all physician and non-physician providers, not just limited to Medical Doctors, Nurses, Therapists, Mental health providers, Psychologists, Physician Assistants etc.


Leave your question & contact details. We will get back to you at earliest.

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